"Myles Manley is one of those eccentric geniuses who light up their surroundings."
Clash Magazine (clashmusic.com)

"[Pay Me What I'm Worth] is an anthem for anyone who works below middle management... a gem." Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1

"an eye and ear for the twisted pop nugget ... adventurous live shows ... audacious ambition ... already showing a very impressive set of heels"
Jim Carroll, Irish Times

"MORE SONGS by MYLES MANLEY is helpful and very skilful"
Conor O'Brien (Villagers)

"completely one-of-a-kind artist ... hugely accomplished ... a brilliant and unconventional poetic mind"
The Thin Air (thethinair.net)

"when Manley wants, he can knock out a classic pop ear worm with the best of them"
Nialler9 (nialler9.com)

"without a hint of exaggeration, Manley is currently one of the best young singer-songwriters in the country and it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the world knows it."
Brian Coney, Across The Line, BBC Radio Ulster

"Songs as sentiments as soul-searching practice. Music as medicine as methodical exploration."
GoldFlakePaint (www.goldflakepaint.co.uk)

"... if anything proves his unexcavated genius, it's 'Next Please', an ethereal, quivering, uplifting alt. pop anthem which pushes boundaries in all the right directions"
'Track of the Fortnight', Celina Murphy, Hot Press

"[Greatest Hits 2012 – 2013] is an album packed full of bangers, trillers, thumpers, chucklers, crooners and even the odd weepy. Well, perhaps you won’t cry but you’ll feel something. That’s the Manley magic."
Harmless Noise (harmlessnoise.ie)

"vocally distinctive ... it's as if someone tried to do an impression of Antony Hegarty and got it horribly, horribly wrong, but did it perfectly in tune and in turn sculpted their own vocal niche ... it's rare to find someone who's found a unique position in a band who operate with guitars, drums, bass, vocals and the usual fare, but somehow these guys have done it."
The Sound of Confusion (thesoundofconfusionblog.blogspot.co.uk)

"outlandishly interesting front man Manley is truly something to behold"
Golden Plec (goldenplec.com)

"[Myles Manley EP] is packed full of infectious, bittersweet melodies and you’ll come to love it like we do."
We Are Noise (wearenoise.com)

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